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Increased open rates, higher engagement and happy subscribers

Sending personalized newsletters to your subscribers with multiple RSS feeds has never been so easy.

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Want to save time and delight your subscribers?

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Save Time, Increase Engagement & Grow your Subscribers

FlipRSS automates the delivery of personalized email newsletter campaigns from multiple RSS feeds.

saves time

Save hours of time.
Setup and sit back

FlipRSS email campaigns are fully automated and use content from RSS feeds to power your campaigns and deliver relevant, timely content to your subscribers.


It's personal.
Subscribers only get the content they choose

Subscribers select the content they're interested in when signing up to your newsletter and FlipRSS automates delivering it to them on a regular schedule.

works with mailchimp

Built for Mailchimp

FlipRSS is proud to be an official Mailchimp Partner and provide direct integration with the worlds leading Email Service Provider.

FlipRSS personalizes each subscriber's newsletter and Mailchimp manages your lists, members and delivery.


Boost ROI & Engagement.
Increase your open and click through rates

FlipRSS customers see industry-leading engagement rates from their targeted and personalized email campaigns.

FlipRSS helps you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Our customers include blogs and news websites through to global recruitment companies, Governments and educational institutions.

House of Commons
United Nations
Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

Small team,
big on support

We love what we do and we're small enough to care.

We offer one-to-one support to help you get the most from your FlipRSS and your email marketing. We don't just listen. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to help make your email campaigns the best in the industry.

Any questions? Get in touch.

Automate Multiple RSS Feeds in Emails

Scheduled RSS to Email Delivery

We know that for some, personalization is more than they need. If you just want to automate RSS-to-Email campaigns with multiple RSS feeds then FlipRSS Lite is for you.

Our new tool to compliment FlipRSS


Don't have RSS feeds?

Sometimes it's hard to find the content you want already in a RSS feed.

That's why we created SnipRSS to provide the flexibility and power of RSS for any content on the web.

Snip and collect videos, podcasts, blog posts, web pages, social posts and documents from around the web to your own shareable RSS feeds.

Use your feeds to grow subscribers, power automated newsletters or store and capture content for later.